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Donated Items (.18/lb.)
QuantityProduct Description
BBQ Chips 12/4.5oz (6)
Cheddar/Bacon Instant Potatoes 12/5.1oz (10)
Gerber lil-Twist Snack 4/3.17oz (15)
Hershey's Spread 12/16oz (8)
Sour Cream/Chives Potatoes 12/5.1oz
Peanut Butter&Jelly Stripes 12/18oz (20)
Crunch & Munch 12/3.5oz (10)
Bugles 30/1oz (10)
Fruit Snack 10/8oz (10)
Trident Gum 12/12pk (10)
Frosting 8/16oz (8)
Fudge Kit 6/31.5oz (10)
Turkey&gravy Sandwich Maker 7/7.5oz (20)
Energy Bar 6/10oz (10)
Danish Cookie Tin 12/12oz (10)
Tortilla Chips 20/1oz (20)
Fruit Roll Up 6/13.3oz (10)
Chow Mein Noodles 12/12oz (6)
BBQ Sauce 12/18oz (10)
Loaded Casserole Instant Potatoes 12/4.5oz (10)
Trail Mix 8/14.8oz (10)
Pecan Shortbread Cookies 36/12oz (4)
Cheez its Cheddar 10/8oz (10)
Nature Valley Nut Bar 16-25/1.17oz (6)
Rigatoni Pasta 12/16oz (10)
Snack Crackers 12/11.3oz (8)
Sweet Potato Chips 12/4.5oz (8)
Gardettos 12/8.6oz (6)
Granola Thins 12/6oz (10)
Three Cheese Instant Potatoes 12/5oz (15)
Pita Crackers 12/9.5oz (6)
Kashi Granola 6/11oz (10)
Cereal mixed (4)
Tortilla Chips (4)
Assorted Misc. (8)
Pita Puffs 6/4oz (10)
Vanilla Sandwich Cookies 18/15.5oz (8)
Stride Gum1/144ct display (4)
Oyster Crackers 12/9oz (10)
Granola Crisp Cereal Apple Crisp 6/9oz (6)
Granola 12/7oz (8)
Oreo Wafers 3inch 23lbs (4)
Cheez-it 10/2.2oz (6)
Heinz Pickles 6/99oz (4)
Cookie Mix 12/17.5oz (6)
Breakfast Biscuts 12/8.85oz (10)
FLour 8/5lb (4)
Pastry Crisp Special K 9/9ct (10)
Water 24/16.9oz (8) .04/lb
Chocolate Chip Cookies 12/13oz (6)
Au Gratin Potatoes 12/4.7oz (20)
Cheese Cracker Sandwich 24/6.5oz (6)
Fudge Stripes 10/3oz cups (10)
Salsa 12/16oz (10)
Julienne Potatoes 12/4.6oz (10)
Personal Care
Pamper Under Jams L/XL 46ct (6)
Toothbrush 6/4pk (10)
Pamper Under Jams S/M 46ct (6)
Bathroom Tissue 24roll (6)
Frozen Items
KidsCheese Pizza Meal 12/10.45oz (10)
French Fries 8/1.25lb (20)
Salsa Tortilla Shells 12/1dz (6)
Chicken Leg Quarters Bulk 35lb .04/lb
Country POtato Soup 4/8lb bag (6)
Pork Loins 12/14 1.5lb (6)

Iowa Agencies
QuantityProduct Description
Instant Potatoes 12/16oz .04/lb (10)
Corn 24/15oz .04/lb (10)
Grapefruit Juice 8/64oz .14/lb (6)
Tomato Soup 24/10.75oz (6) $.04/LB
Applesauce Single Serve 96/4.5oz (8) .04/lb
Spaghetti Sauce 24/15oz (8) .04/lb
Crispy Rice Cereal 16/12oz (6) $.04/lb
Toasy O's Cereal 12/14oz .04/lb (8)
Rotini Pasta 20/16ox (8) .04/lb
Vegetable Soup 24/10.75oz .o4/lb (6)
Grape Juice 8/64oz .14/lb (8)
Spaghetti Noodles 12/32oz (8) .04/lb
Sweet Peas 24/15oz (8) .04/lb
Green Beans 24/15oz (8) $.04/lb
Personal Care
Frozen Items
Diced Carrots 12/2.5lb .04/lb (8)
Frozen Cherries 12/2.5lb $.00/lb

Purchase Products
QuantityProduct DescriptionPrice# In case
Mac O's And Beef 24/7.5oz$12.880
Beef Pasta Dinner 12/5.3oz$7.326
Grape Jelly 12/19 oz$12.4816
Tomato Soup 24/10.75oz$9.6919
Beef Soup 12/14.5oz$10.400
Peaches 24/4oz$7.357
Green Beans 24/15oz $11.340
Milk 1% 27/8oz$12.750
Corn Muffin Mix 12/16 oz$11.680
Peanut Butter 12/18 oz$17.2512
INSTANT POTATOES 12/13.3$15.000
PANCAKE MIX 24/6 OZ$11.360
Apple Sauce 24/15oz$17.5527
Raviloli 24/15 oz$16.7424
Spaghetti Sauce 24/15oz$11.8827
Elbow Macaroni 20/16oz$11.1321
Chicken Stuffing Mix 24/6 oz$16.8324
Mac & Cheese 24/7.5oz$7.5413
Chicken Noodle Soup 24/10.75oz$9.6919
Pork & Bean 24/7.5oz$13.300
Vegetable Beef Soup 24/10.25 oz$14.4424
Beef Stew Single Serve$11.9024
Canned Peas 24/15 oz$14.5824
Carrots 24/15oz$15.1227
Ground Beef Cooked 12/6oz ($1.71/lb) $8.555
Strawberry Jelly 12/19 oz$12.7812
Quick Oats 12/18oz$11.7015
Chicken & Rice Soup 24/10.75oz$10.8319
Cheesy Tuna Dinner 12/5.3oz$7.326
Cream of Mushroom soup 24/10.25 oz$9.3119
Pancake Syrup 12/24 oz$13.2512
Chunk Chicken 24/5oz 11lb$16.9911
Canned Tuna 48/5oz 19lb$35.4819
Personal Care
Shampoo 60/4oz$17.6460
Toothpaste 144/1.5 oz$27.36144
Deodorant Hand Soap 72 bars$17.4672
Frozen Items
Hot Dogs 32/12 oz$30.4824
Ground Turkey 24/1lb (1.29/lb)$30.9624

Fresh Produce
QuantityProduct Description
Potatoes 10lb bag
Pie Crust 12/15oz (6)
Apples 40lb Bulk box
Carrots 16/3lb
Cauliflower 30lb box
Caggage 10/5lb
Personal Care
Frozen Items

Ground Turkey $1.29 per pound!!

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